Pharmaceutical Grade L-leucine

Pharmaceutical grade L-leucine, also known as leucine, chemical called α-amino isocaproic acid. L-leucine is a common amino acid, is also one of the eight essential amino acids.

Product Details

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ItemSpecification ( USP 30)
AppearanceWhite color crystalline fuzzy type
Specific Rotation+14.9º~+17.3º
State of SolutionClear and Colourless
Chloride (CL)0.05%  Max.
Sulfate0.03%  Max.
Heavy Metals( PB)0.0015% Max.
Arsenic(As2O3) (ppm)1.5  Max.
Loss on Drying0.20%  Max
Residue on Ignition0.40%  Max.
Chromatographic PurityNMT 2.0% of total impurities, NMT 0.5% of any individual impurities
Iron(Fe)0.003% Max

Pharmaceutical grade L-leucine is white crystalline or crystalline powder, is a non-polar amino acids, taste bitter, soluble in water, 20 ℃, 25 ℃, respectively, the solubility of 23. 7g / L and 24. 26g / L, acetic acid (10.7g / L), dilute hydrochloric acid, alkali solution and carbonate solution, slightly soluble in alcohol (0. 72g / L), insoluble in ether, heated to 145 ^ r 148 ℃ sublimation, 293-295 0C decomposition , The specific gravity is 1. 29 (180C), the specific rotation [a] D20 is +14.5 ^ - + 16.0 (6mo1 / L Hcl, C = 1), the isoelectric point 5.98.氨基酸原粉.png



Pharmaceutical grade L-leucine can be formulated amino acid infusion and integrated amino acid preparations, hypoglycemic agents, plant growth promoters.