Compound amino acid powder fertilizer

Compound amino acid powder fertilizer as the smallest molecules that make up the protein exist in the fertilizer, which is easy to be absorbed by the crop. It also has the function of improving the disease resistance and improving the quality of fertilization. Supplement the necessary amino acids in plants, stimulate and regulate the rapid growth of plants, promote plant growth and promote the absorption of nutrients. Enhance the metabolic function of plants, improve photosynthesis, promote plant root system developed, accelerate the growth and reproduction of plants.

Product Details

Product Description:

Name: Compound amino acid powder fertilizer

HS Code: 3101009090

Applycation: For organic fertilizer, For plant.

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Watter Solubility





2% ppm

Amino Acid


Total N


Amino nitrogene




Arsenic (Base on As)


Lead (Base on pb)<10 mg/kg

Export Package:

10kg/bag, 25kg/bag, 50kg/bag Craft bag. As customer's requirement.


Appication of Compound amino acid powder fertilizer:

1). High content, full nutrition, fertilizer efficiency, fertilizer fast, high absorption and utilization, not only rich in fast available nitrogen up to 17%, but also rich in long-term organic organic nitrogen up to 16%, can be directly absorbed by the crop of amino acids 10%, organic matter 20%, high activity, chewing organic organic potassium 2%, 10% of medium rare earth elements, viable agents, promoting disease resistance agent, fertilizer controlled release synergist, soil conditioner, anti- , Cell activation factor, the total active ingredient up to 80 or more, can control the soil urozyme activity, accelerate the rapid decomposition and release of nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorus, potassium, activation of soil, improve soil permeability, promote photosynthesis, Increase the rate of absorption and utilization and fertilizer. Fertilizer duration of up to 80-120 days. Absorption and utilization rate of up to 75% or more, is 2 times the urea, which has the efficiency of inorganic nitrogen fast, but also has the ecological urea, organic fertilizer long-term and microbial, micro-fertilizer and other special effects, organic and inorganic, Efficiency, combination of three effects combined effect.

2). To improve crop ecological environment, inhibit pests and diseases, anti-cropping.

3). To eliminate the board without deep plowing renewable fertilizer:

This product has better ion exchange and adjust the role of PH value, improve the soil aggregate structure, to achieve breathable, fertilizer, water, insulation, drought, cold, waterlogging, dry hot air, lodging resistance and other anti-role. Can make a large number of roots to expand the complex flora, from the air synthesis of nitrogen fertilizer, from the soil chelated soil has been fixed a variety of inorganic elements for crop absorption, so as to achieve the role of renewable fertilizers.

4), Compound Amino Acid Powder Fertilizer in the production process to produce pure natural disease resistance factors, enzyme preparations, regulatory factors, can completely improve the quality of crops, yield effect is obvious, the use of this product seedlings Qimiao Zhuang root system developed, less pests and diseases Long-term, high yield, can increase yield of 30% -50%, to restore the natural flavor, taste good, high sugar content, high amino acid content, completely solve the crop seedling period long, medium-term weakness, late The root cause of fertilizer is not strong.

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