Feed Grade Compound Amino Acid

The main effect of feed grade Compound Amino Acid for feed can increased flavor, promote animal appetite. to supplement animal nutrition and enhance feed utilization. Promote animal fur growth. Has a certain ability to bond, enhance the role of pellet feed stereotypes.

Product Details

Feed Grade Compound Amino Acid provide different export packaging type, the final decision will depends our clients. different market have different require.

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Feed grade compound amino acids can make up for the regular feed ingredients and plant feed is easy to lack the necessary amino acids, other nutrients from the synergistic effect; for puffed aquatic feed, special aquatic fish instead of saving cost; in livestock and poultry breeding, available For feed nutrition additives, improve livestock daily gain, protein utilization and feed conversion rate, enhance animal resistance.


Feed grade compound amino acid application:

1, Can supplement the most effective 20% nutrient loss in the process of fish meal processing;

2, Contains a variety of nutrients after microbial fermentation was completely dissolved in water state, conducive to the absorption and utilization of aquatic animals can replace fish meal supplement nutrition for aquatic animals, rapid growth, special aquatic products instead of fish meal cost effective;


3, After a special spray spray, the volume of light weight, weight, only half of ordinary feed, especially for the production of puffed aquatic feed, fish and shrimp, sea fish open material;

4, Rich in cystine, tyrosine, serine can promote the growth of livestock and poultry fur, pig skin ruddy, coat color shiny, yellow chicken can increase the bright color, cocktail feet color;

5, By the increase in fresh, promote animal appetite, the goods glutamic acid content is high, with the regulation of taste, and promote the effect of animal appetite, aquatic feed can replace betaine to increase the palatability of feed;



6, Added to fermented soybean meal, fermented feed, is conducive to balance the needs of microbial nutrition, promote the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, fermentation faster and better;

7, With a certain degree of adhesive ability to protect the feed nutrient loss and enhance the role of pellet feed stereotypes;

8, To strengthen the nutritional absorption capacity;