Dl Methionine Feed Grade

Dl Methionine Feed Grade
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Product Description:

Name: Dl Methionine Feed Grade

HS Code: 2930400000

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Appication of Dl Methionine feed grade:

Dl methionine feed grade is one of the essential amino acids in the growth of poultry animals. The content is ≥98.5%. It is a "skeleton" amino acid of biosynthesis protein, which has a strong regulating effect on the metabolism of animals. It is widely used in medicine, food, feed and cosmetics And other fields. Can be used as nutritional supplements, due to a special smell, it is only used for fish products; in the feed industry, the largest amount of methionine, used as feed nutrition enhancer, make up the amino acid balance of feed additives, amino acids Nutritional feed additive varieties, methionine 60%, lysine accounted for 30%, other amino acids accounted for about 10%.蛋氨酸.png


The role of methionine in chicken feed:

Broiler breeding is usually only 8 to 9 weeks, from brooding to finishing the need for amino acids are very high, so that broiler can get enough energy to meet the high-speed growth, we should use high-efficiency feed broiler. In the broiler feed by adding methionine, can increase the feed of high-energy protein, so that rapid weight gain chickens, so as to achieve their goals.

Export Package of Dl Methionine feed grade:

   Package: 25kg.500kg.750kg.1000kg. 

   Shelf life5 years

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