Dl Methionine Feed Grade

Dl methionine feed grade is feed nutrition enhancer. Livestock lack of methionine, can cause dysplasia, weight loss, liver and kidney function, muscle atrophy, skin deterioration and so on. Feed 1kg methionine, equivalent to 50kg fish meal nutritional value. Feed in the general amount of 0,05% -0.2%.

Product Details

Product Description:

Name: Dl Methionine Feed Grade

HS Code: 2930400000

Quality standard as below:



Appication of Dl Methionine feed grade:

Dl methionine feed grade is one of the essential amino acids in the growth of poultry animals. The content is ≥98.5%. It is a "skeleton" amino acid of biosynthesis protein, which has a strong regulating effect on the metabolism of animals. It is widely used in medicine, food, feed and cosmetics And other fields. Can be used as nutritional supplements, due to a special smell, it is only used for fish products; in the feed industry, the largest amount of methionine, used as feed nutrition enhancer, make up the amino acid balance of feed additives, amino acids Nutritional feed additive varieties, methionine 60%, lysine accounted for 30%, other amino acids accounted for about 10%.蛋氨酸.png


The role of methionine in chicken feed:

Broiler breeding is usually only 8 to 9 weeks, from brooding to finishing the need for amino acids are very high, so that broiler can get enough energy to meet the high-speed growth, we should use high-efficiency feed broiler. In the broiler feed by adding methionine, can increase the feed of high-energy protein, so that rapid weight gain chickens, so as to achieve their goals.

Export Package of Dl Methionine feed grade:

   Package: 25kg.500kg.750kg.1000kg. 

   Shelf life5 years

   Samples: we provide free samples to test quality.

   Deliver timeWithin 15 working days arrange shipment after receiving the payment.


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