Dl Methionine Food Grade

Dl methionine food grade containing more than 98.5% L-methionine, it is white flaky crystalline or crystalline powder, a specific odor, slightly bitter taste ①. Used in food. Accounting for 3.1% of the total protein in food. (Not for infants and young children foods.) Used to raise the level of protein in vegetarians.

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Name: Dl Methionine Food Grade

HS Code: 2930400000

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Dl Methionine Food Grade standardFCCV


White flake crystals

Solution Appearance


Content (dry basis)


Dry weight loss


Burning residue






Heavy metal







Dl methionine food grade is a protein containing amino acids, to help metabolism and decomposition of fat and other functions, and is the main source of sulfur in the body. As one of the lipid-stimulating hormone compounds, methionine is also a fat burner or antioxidant, and it also plays an important role in removing heavy metals such as mercury in the body. Other effects of this amino acid include ensuring the health of the liver, kidneys, bladder and arteries, as well as maintaining nails, skin and hair health. In addition, it is also important for muscle growth.QQ图片20171207130518.png

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