Methionine in Animals

Methionine in animals is an important essential amino acid for animals. Methionine hydroxyl analogues can be converted to methionine in animals and play their nutritional role. In addition, it can also be used as ruminant rumen protein source and piglet diets acidifier, can bactericidal sterilization, reduce heat stress, and can reduce the excretion of nitrogen, protect the environment.

Product Details

Product Description:

Name: Methionine in Animals

HS Code: 2930400000

Methionine is an important amino acid in the egg material, can effectively improve the egg production rate.



Content (dry basis)


Arsenic (As As, GT-3)

≤3mg / kg

Heavy metal (PB, GT-16-2)


Lead (GT-18)

≤ 10 mg / kg

Loss on drying (80 ℃, 3h)


Residue on ignition (GT-27)


Appication of Methionine in Animals:

Methionine in animal body can be used as an essential amino acid synthesis of body protein, improve growth performance; can be converted to cystine, play the role of liver detoxification; for the body Teng active methyl, involved in methyl transfer and adrenaline, muscle Acid, choline, keratin and nucleic acid synthesis; can also provide active hydroxyl groups, supplementation of choline or vitamin B12 part of the role; in vivo metabolism of polyamines, animal cell proliferation has a very important role in promoting; It is also involved in the synthesis of spermine, semisynthetic and other cell-related compounds.QQ图片20171206183950.png


Antibacterial sterilization:

Feeding methionine can inhibit the production of various toxigenic toxins. Methionine can be combined with the mycotoxins in the feed to reduce its toxicity. MHA on the mold also has a role in inhibition and kill, in the feed after adding, can prevent or control the mold in the feed nutrients decomposition. At the same time MHA can be converted into methionine to enhance the body's decomposition of mycotoxins, so that the production performance can be fully developed.

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Export Package:

25/1000KG bag packing or As customer's requirement.


Lead time&Payment terms:

1.Lead time: After the deposit and confirm all the accessory with in 3--5days.

2.Payment terms: TT or LC at sight.

Quality assurance:

Free samples are available, support SGS testing.

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