L-lysine Feed Grade

L-lysine feed grade Is one of the essential amino acids in animals, is involved in the important part of protein synthesis, although the plant protein contains a small amount of lysine, but can not meet the needs of animals, animal feed to add the right amount of lysine is conducive to the healthy growth of animals.

Product Details

Name:      L-lysine Feed Grade

HS Code: 2922411000

Three kinds of L-Lysine can be supplied:

1). L-Lysine HCl 98.5% (Feed Grade) 

2). L-Lysine Sulphate 65% (Feed Grade)

3). L-Lysine Sulphate 70% (Feed Grade)

Indicator name

Quality Standard

Pure (content,%)


Solution PH

5.6 - 6.0

Specific rotation [a] D

+ 18.0 ° ~ 22 °

Loss on drying (%)

≤ 1.5

Residue on ignition (%)

≤ 0.5

Chloride (CI,%)


Ammonium salt (NH,%)


Sulfate (SO2,%)


Iron (Fe, mg / kg)


Arsenic (Ag, mg / kg)


Heavy metals (PB, mg / kg)

≤ 30

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Export Package:

25 kg net weight of each package.



1). L-lysine feed grade not only improves feed utilization, but also fish culture, but also can increase the immune capacity of fish to improve the disease resistance of fish, which also helps to reduce the risk of farming. In fish culture, lysine is more effective in improving the food intake of fish, mainly because of the effect of lysine on improving the function of intestinal digestive enzymes in fish, and digestive enzymes are unique functions in digestion process The digestive power of substances and animals is closely related to the activity of digestive enzymes in the digestive tract. And, in pig breeding, lysine can also use their own substances on the toxic substances or drugs methylation and detoxification effect.

2). Lysine feed grade has the effect of meeting animal needs, promoting animal growth, improving amino acid balance, improving feed utilization, and conserving protein resources. Can improve the nutritional value of plant protein and its feed, is conducive to the development of protein feed resources. If you add a restricted amino acid to the feed, you can replace the fishmeal, which reduces the cost of the feed and improves the quality of the meat. For example, adding lysine can improve carcass quality and improve lean meat.

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