L-lysine Pharmaceutical Grade

L-lysine pharmaceutical grade can also be used as a diuretics of adjuvant drugs, treatment of blood chloride chloride caused by the reduction of lead poisoning phenomenon, but also with acidic drugs (such as salicylic acid, etc.) to reduce the salt to reduce adverse reactions, combined with methionine It can inhibit severe hypertension.

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Indicator name

L-lysine Pharmaceutical Grade

Pure (content,%)


Solution PH

5.6 - 6.0

Specific rotation [a] D

+ 20.5 ° ~ 21.5°

Loss on drying (%)

≤ 0.1

Residue on ignition (%)

≤ 0.1

Chloride (CI,%)


Ammonium salt (NH,%)


Sulfate (SO2,%)


Iron (Fe, mg / kg)


Arsenic (Ag, mg / kg)


Heavy metals (PB, mg / kg)

≤ 10


L-lysine pharmaceutical grade can be used to prepare complex amino acid infusion, it is better than hydrolytic protein infusion, side effects less. Lysine can be made with a variety of vitamins, glucose supplements, easily absorbed after gastrointestinal absorption. Lysine also improves the performance of certain drugs and improves efficacy.QQ图片20171207111947.png

QQ图片20171207112259.pngL-ysine pharmaceutical grade can regulate the body's metabolic balance. Lysine provides structural components for the synthesis of carnitine, and carnitine promotes the synthesis of fatty acids in cells. Add a small amount of lysine to the food, can stimulate the secretion of pepsin and gastric acid, improve the secretion of gastric juice, play to enhance appetite, promote the role of child growth and development. Lysine can also increase the absorption of calcium (calcium products, calcium information) and its accumulation in the body to accelerate bone growth. Such as the lack of lysine, will cause gastric juice sub-Qin deficiency and anorexia, nutritional anemia, resulting in central nervous system obstruction, dysplasia.

Export Package:

1.1kg Aluminum foil bag.
2. 25kg Fiber drum.


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