Aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate

Aluminium chloride hexahydrate mainly used for drinking water, with high fluoride water, industrial water treatment, oily sewage purification. Especially for low temperature, low turbidity, alkaline water treatment better. Is the production of aluminum chloride intermediate products (instead of hydrochloric acid, to reduce pollution). In addition, printing and dyeing, medicine, leather, oil, paper, precision casting, chemical and other aspects of a wide range of uses.

Product Details

Aluminium chloride hexahydrate is colorless or white hexagonal crystal or powder. Industrial products containing iron, free chlorine and other impurities were pale yellow, yellow or red brown and other colors. Soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, ether, slightly soluble in benzene.

Quality standard:

Test item

Index value

Sulfate (SO4),%

≤ 0.005

Heavy metals (Pb),%


Iron (Fe),%

≤ 0.002

Alkali metal and alkaline earth metal (in terms of sulfate),%

≤ 0.2

Clarity test / number

≤ 4


≥ 99.0

The specific use of aluminium chloride hexahydrate as follows:

1.Used as organic synthesis catalyst, detergent, and used in medicine, pesticides, dyes, spices, plastics, lubricants and other industries.

2.Used as analytical reagents, preservatives, mordant.

3.Used as organic synthesis of the catalyst, such as petroleum cracking, synthetic dyes, synthetic rubber, synthetic detergents, pharmaceuticals, spices and so on. Used in the manufacture of pesticides, organoaluminum compounds, phthalocyanine organic pigments catalyst, ethyl benzene production catalyst. Also used for metal smelting, lubricating oil synthesis. Food grade products for the leavening agent, sake and other anti-discoloration agent and pectin flocculant.



4.leavening agent; sake and other discoloration prevention agent, the amount of ≤ 0.1g / L (with anhydrous) or ≤ 0.18g / L (in hexahydrate); pectin flocculant.

5.Mainly used for organic synthesis of digestive, synthetic dyes, medicine and so on.

6.Used as organic synthesis catalyst, detergent, and used in medicine, pesticides, dyes, spices, metallurgy, plastics, lubricants and other industries.

7.Organic synthesis catalyst, strong dehydrating agent, acid catalyst, manufacture of artificial rubber, plastic, lubricants and other catalysts, metallurgy, petroleum cracking.

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