Agriculture Grade Ammonium Chloride Fertilizer

Agriculture grade ammonium chloride Fertilizer referred to as "ammonium chloride", it is a quick nitrogen chemical fertilizer, nitrogen content of 24% to 25%, is a physiological acid fertilizer. It is suitable for wheat, rice, corn, rape and other crops, especially for cotton and linen crops have enhanced fiber toughness and tension and improve the quality of the effect.

Product Details

Agriculture grade ammonium chloride Fertilizer can be basal fertilizer, top dressing, should not be kind of fertilizer, more should not use ammonium chloride seed dressing, so as not to affect the seed germination. Ammonium chloride should be used as a base fertilizer early so that in order to take rain, irrigation water in advance to wash off the chloride ions to reduce the harm to crops, the general amount of 12.5 to 17.5 kg acres.

Agriculture grade ammonium chloride Fertilizer quality standard:




Some items are superior to the National Standard

     Total nitrogen content(as dry basis) %



     Na(as dry basis) %



     Moisture %



     With anti-caking agent (supply without anti-caking agent)

In the linen, hemp and other fiber crops on the application of ammonium chloride Fertilizer is better, especially for cotton and cotton crops have enhanced fiber toughness and tension and improve the quality of the effect. Because chlorine has enhanced fiber toughness and the role of tension. Chlorine has an inhibitory effect on nitrifying bacteria, so the effect of applying ammonium chloride in paddy fields is also good. But tobacco, potatoes, sweet potatoes, grapes and other avoid chlorine crops should not be applied ammonium chloride, to prevent lower quality.QQ图片20171206161155.png



Ammonium ions of ammonium chloride absorbed by the crop, the chloride ions remain in the soil, in the acidic soil chlorine and hydrogen combined into hydrochloric acid, will increase the acidity of the soil; in the calcareous soil, chlorine and calcium combined to produce chlorination Calcium; in well-drained soil, calcium chloride is easy to be washed away by rain or irrigation water; in soils with poor drainage or in arid areas, the concentration of soil is increased by the accumulation of calcium chloride. Crop growth is unfavorable. Therefore, the drainage conditions are not good saline soil and drought and drought is best not to use ammonium chloride.

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