Feed Grade Ammonium Chloride

Feed grade Ammonium chloride in livestock production has two main applications. On the one hand, can be used as ruminant non-protein nitrogen feed additives, alternative feed part of the biological protein; the other hand, can also be used as acidity regulator feed additives, acid.

Product Details

Feed Grade Ammonium Chloride Quality standard:

Indicator name

Enterprise standards

Ammonium chloride NH4CL g/100g ≥


Moisture g/100g ≤


Residue on ignition g/100g ≤


Heavy metal (pd)mg/kg ≤


Arsenic salts (As) mg/kg ≤


(Fe) mg/kg ≤


PH(200g/L solution t25℃)


                                                                     Export Packing                            25kg bag or ton bag

Feed grade ammonium chloride is the industrial ammonium chloride as a raw material through the purification, removal of sulfur ions, remove arsenic and other heavy metal ions, add iron, calcium, zinc and other animals needed trace elements. With the prevention of disease, promote the role of growth. Ammonium chloride taste salty, animals are easy to accept, also widely used in veterinary drugs.



The specific use as follows:

1.For non-protein nitrogen feed additives for ruminants, the content of 1% in the diet is safe for less than 3 months. For long periods of time, the ammonium chloride content is controlled at 0.5%, and the cat and the dog can not More than the above content control.

2.Feed Grade Ammonium Chloride as an animal expectorant, diuretic, oral administration of a horse 8 ~ 15g cattle 10 ~ 25g sheep 2 ~ 5g pigs 1 ~ 2g dogs, cat 0.2 ~ lg, 2 to 3 times a day.

3.Is the use ratio of feed grade ammonium chloride on the whole day, or the premix?

Ammonium chloride addition ratio refers to full-day material, according to the EU guidance in the whole dietary content of 1% continuous use within 3 months is safe, such as long feeding, the ammonium chloride content control at 0.5%.

Such as the common use of foreign ammonium chloride ratio: ammonium chloride to add examples (%): Corn(44) bran(22) cottonseed(18) soybean(11) nutrition fortifier(1.5) stone powder(1.0) compound vitamin(1.0) salt(0.5) ammonium chloride(1.0)QQ图片20171206185007.png

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