Pharmaceutical Grade Ammonium Chloride

Pharmaceutical grade ammonium chloride raw materials, from the medical point of view of the product for the expectoration, cough, diuretics. It is high purity ammonium chloride, stable performance, ammonium chloride absorption can make body fluids and urine acidic, can be used for acidification of urine and some alkalosis.

Product Details

From the medical point of view, Pharmaceutical grade ammonium chloride on the gastric mucosa to produce local stimulating effect, reflex caused by respiratory secretion, so that sputum thinning, easy to cough up. The raw materials used alone, the need for compatibility with other drugs made of compound. Used in acute and chronic respiratory tract inflammation and phlegm more difficult to cough patients.


Pharmaceutical Grade Ammonium Chloride can be used as a drug:

(1) Ammonium chloride into the body, part of the ammonium ions quickly formed by the liver metabolism of urea, discharged from the urine. Chloride and hydrogen combined into hydrochloric acid, thereby correcting alkali poisoning.

(2) Due to the chemical stimulation of the mucous membrane, reflex to increase the amount of sputum, sputum easy to discharge, it is not easy to cough up a small amount of phlegm removal. This product is absorbed, the chloride ions into the blood and extracellular fluid to urinate the urine.


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Pharmaceutical grade ammonium chloride quality standard:


ammonium chloride_副本.png

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