Feed Grade Calcium Chloride

Feed grade calcium chloride can reduce the pH value of water in aquaculture and can further affect the activity of various microorganisms or algae in the water body, thus prolonging the duration of the effect.

Product Details

Feed Grade Calcium Chloride Quality standard:

Test Item

Test result

Calcium chloride (CaCl2),%


Free base (calculated as Ca (OH) 2),%

≤ 0.25

Alkali metal chloride (in terms of NaCL),%


Heavy metal (by Pb) Mass fraction,%


Lead (Pb), mg / kg


Arsenic (As), mg / kg


Fluorine (F), mg / kg

≤ 0.01

Water insoluble matter,%


Loss on drying,%


Feed grade calcium chloride can promote the formation of bone and teeth of livestock, to maintain the normal nerve and muscle excitement, promote blood coagulation and anti-inflammatory effect.QQ图片20171206185821.png

QQ图片20171206185831.pngMaintain the normal excitability of nerve fibers and muscles, participate in the normal release of neurotransmitters, against the central inhibition of magnesium ions and neuromuscular excitatory blockade, reduce capillary membrane permeability, promote coagulation and anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and so on Multiple effects, so become a veterinary clinical commonly used drugs.
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