Food Grade Calcium Chloride

Food grade calcium chloride is white powder or flakes, no smell slightly bitter, highly hygroscopic, exposed to the air easily deliquescence, soluble in water, clear and transparent aqueous solution, while releasing a lot of heat, soluble In alcohol, acetone, acetic acid and so on.

Product Details

Food Grade Calcium Chloride Quality standard: In the food industry can also be used as calcium enhancer, curing agent, chelating agent.



CaCl2 %

94 Min

Magnesium and Alkali Metal Chloride %

2.0 Max


White Prills

Water Insoluble Matter %

0.2 Max

Alkalinity (Ca(OH)2) %

0.2 Max


0.2 Max

Heavy Metal (Pb)%

0.002 Max

Fe %

0.005 Max



Export packing25kg bag

Food grade calcium chloride is roughly divided into food grade dihydrate calcium chloride, food grade anhydrous flake calcium chloride and food grade anhydrous powder calcium chloride three categories.

Calcium chloride can be used as stabilizers and coagulants, thickeners, nutritional supplements and other, the use of including soy products, cream, soft drinks, sweet sauce, jam, modulation of water and food industry processing aids.



Food grade calcium chloride is a food processing agent, its dryness and other characteristics are now widely used in food processing production, it is a highly absorbent desiccant, in some food packaging bags, We often see a white dry bag, which is inside the calcium chloride desiccant, the food can play a certain fresh and dry effect.

Food Grade Calcium Chloride play a role in food preservation and drying is because calcium chloride can react with water to produce CaCl2 ~ 2H2O, consumption of water in the environment. At the same time anhydrous calcium chloride can also be used as a desiccant of the gas, the production of alcohol, ester, ether and acrylic resin dehydration agent.



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