Industrial Grade Magnesium Chloride

Industrial grade magnesium chloride is the raw material for producing various magnesium salts. It can be used in coal mine fireproofing agent and highway dusting agent. The ceramic industry is mainly used for floor tile processing industry. It can also use magnesium chloride for highway and airport.

Product Details

Industrial grade magnesium chloride is divided into magnesium chloride hexahydrate and anhydrous magnesium chloride. Please refer to the following table for specific quality standards.


Different type magnesium chloride shows as below:

Industrial grade magnesium chloride is extremely versatile and is an important product of the salt chemical industry. In the construction industry, the use of magnesium chloride aqueous solution and magnesium oxide powder mixed, solidified after the formation of high strength magnesium oxide cement, used to process the production of building components, particleboard and so on.QQ图片20171206143817.png



Magnesium oxide as a cement quick-setting early strength agent for the production of large cement pipes, poles, building base, commonly used in winter construction. Lime slurry powder wall, add a small amount of magnesium chloride as cement, the wall can not afford to dry powder. The use of magnesium chloride solution of ice salt eutectic temperature of -33.6 ℃ this feature, the refrigeration industry commonly used as a cold carrier.


Industrial grade magnesium chloride in the building materials industry is the production of light building materials such as glass fiber tile, decorative panels, sanitary ware, ceilings, floor tiles, magnesium oxide cement, ventilation pipes, anti-theft covers, fire doors and windows, fire board, partition board, production artificial marble High - rise building materials important raw materials. In the magnesite products can do high-quality magnesium tile, high-quality fire board, magnesium box, magnesium decoration plate, light wall panels, abrasive, stoves, fireworks and other agents.

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Spraying the magnesium chloride solution onto the surface of the coal has a good effect on the prevention of spontaneous combustion of low sulfur bituminous coal and lignite coal mining face. 

In the metallurgical industry: for the manufacture of refractory materials and puzzle arm of the adhesive, and is the manufacture of flux and smelting metal magnesium raw materials. In the mechanical industry life, with the hard clay can be made of mechanical crates, triangular mats and furniture, etc., is "soil material" good material.



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