Pharmaceutical Grade Magnesium Chloride

Pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride is a pharmaceutical raw material intermediates, it is an excipient of pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical grade high purity raw materials, white crystals at room temperature. Easy to absorb moisture.

Product Details

Medical grade magnesium chloride is a pharmaceutical intermediate, can be made of "halogen dry" for medicinal purposes. Can be used as laxatives, the specific dosage according to the demand situation.


Pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride quality standard:


Pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride: loss of 2 molecules of crystal water at 100 ° C. At 110 ° C began to lose part of the hydrochloric acid and decomposition, strong heat to oxygen chloride, when the rapid heating of about 118 ° C decomposition. 1G dissolved in 0.6ml water, 0.3ml boiling water, 2ml ethanol. The aqueous solution was neutral and had a pH of about 7. Relative density of 1.56. Half lethal dose (rat, oral) 8.1 g / kg. Irritating.



In addition, it can also be used in the transportation industry: for the road ice melting agent, ice fast, less corrosive to the vehicle, higher than the sodium chloride effect. Magnesium chloride for the manufacture of refractory materials and puzzle arm of the adhesive, and is the manufacture of flux and smelting metal magnesium raw materials. In the building materials industry is the production of light building materials such as fiberglass, decorative panels, sanitary ware, ceilings, floor tiles, magnesium oxide cement, ventilation pipes, anti-theft covers, fire doors and windows, fire board, partition board, the production of artificial marble and other high-rise buildings Supplies important raw materials. In the magnesite products can do high-quality magnesium tile, high-quality fire board, magnesium box, magnesium decoration plate, light wall panels, abrasive, stoves, fireworks and other agents.

For the production of magnesium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium oxide and other magnesium products, but also for the antifreeze and other raw materials. Application of Magnesium Chloride in Firecracker. Application of air conditioning ventilation pipe. Used in textile washing.


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