Raw Salt

Raw salt in the industrial use is very wide, known as "the mother of the chemical industry", is alkali and chlor-alkali industry, the main raw material. Widely used in agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing, food processing industry. At the same time, the original salt or salt is the main raw material.

Product Details

Long-term export products in the world more than 20 countries, won the majority of users trust and support. And more buyers are willing to establish long-term cooperative relations, mutual benefit and common development.


Raw Salt heat can effectively relieve rheumatism or symptoms of low back pain, Qinghai Lake salt is best, take 2 pounds of salt with a veil cloth wrapped up, do not be too tight, into the microwave oven bake 3 minutes, remove the hot compress, the effect is good.QQ图片20171208150308.png

QQ图片20171208150324.pngOur company has long been committed to the production and sale of various Raw Salt and other chemical raw materials, and can provide: industrial salt, sea salt, sun salt, raw salt, rinsing salt, granulated salt, pickle salt, crystal salt, bath salt, water treatment Soft water salt and other processing salt. Product quality to achieve the same industry level, production capacity is guaranteed, the monthly supply of up to 100,000 tons or more.

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