Refined Sea Salt for Piercings

Refined sea salt for piercings is a kind of salt. It is through the original salt halogen, brine purification, evaporation, glue, drying and other processes made of vacuum, remove the original salt contains impurities in the sediment. The purity of the salt is higher (99.6% of the sodium chloride), the color is more white, the taste is salty, hygienic and dry.

Product Details

Refined salt also has other uses, such as refined sea salt for piercings, for dishwasher… samples is availble for you test the quality if needs.Customer's good feedback and repeat orders are our greatest motivation as we have got from many clients;


China's Salt have coarse salt and refined sea salt for Piercings two kinds of fine salt characteristics are as follows:

1,Grain: fine salt is a large grain of salt through the processing of salt, the shape of the flake, small form.

2,Ingredients: The main chemical composition of salt is sodium chloride. Sodium chloride can help the human body to penetrate, such as food after digestion into a soluble body, there must be sufficient concentration in order to penetrate into the blood through a variety of cells, so that the nutrients sent to the body of various organizations. Usually fine salt containing more than 96% of sodium chloride.


Salt is one of the indispensable food in daily life, each person needs 6 to 10 grams of salt per day in order to maintain the normal movement of the human heart to maintain the normal osmotic pressure and body acid and alkali balance, while salt is the carrier of salty, Is the most used in the seasoning, known as "(king)". Salt not only increase the taste of dishes, but also promote the secretion of gastric digestive juice, increase appetite.QQ图片20171208151407.png

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