Table Salt for Cooking

Table salt for cooking is processed from the sea water, underground rock (mine) salt deposits, natural brine (salty) water to sodium chloride as the main component of the processed edible salt, not including low sodium. Edible salt is the main component of sodium chloride (NaCl), while containing a small amount of water and impurities and other iron, phosphorus, iodine and other elements.

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Sodium chloride (based on dry basis),% ≥


Water insoluble matter,%


Ordinary salt ≤


Refined salt


Sulfate (calculated as SO4),% ≤


Fluorine (in terms of F), mg / kg ≤


Magnesium,% ≤


Barium (in Ba), mg / kg ≤


Arsenic (in As), mg / kg ≤


Lead (in terms of Pb), mg / kg ≤


Food additives

According to GB 2760

Potassium iodide, potassium iodate (in iodine), mg / kg

According to GB 14880


Table salt for cooking, Salty, containing impurities when easy to deliquescence; soluble in water or glycerol, insoluble in ethanol, insoluble in hydrochloric acid, aqueous solution neutral. The solubility in water increases slightly with increasing temperature. When the temperature is below 0.15 ° C, dihydrate NaCl · 2H2O is obtained. Sodium chloride is abundantly present in seawater and natural salt lakes and can be used to prepare chlorine, hydrogen, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, chlorate, hypochlorite, bleach and sodium metal. It is an important chemical raw material; Seasoning and pickled fish and vegetables, as well as for salting out soap and tanning leather; highly purified sodium chloride can be used to make physiological saline, for clinical treatment and physiological experiments, such as loss of sodium, dehydration, blood loss and so on. Sodium chloride can be prepared by concentrating crystalline seawater or natural salt lake or salt well water.QQ图片20171208150855.png

QQ图片20171208150908.pngTable salt for cooking and food salt is the main source of salty in the dish, with the mention of flavor, by the role of flavor; And it can be anti-corrosion sterilization, adjust the texture of raw materials, increase the fragrance of raw materials. And the surface filling, add the right amount of salt, can increase the toughness of the dough, so that filling the heart of the absorption of effort, improve the mud velvet sticky.