Water Softener Salt

Water softener salt, also known as ion exchange resin regeneration agent, the main chemical composition of sodium chloride (NaCl), the content of 99.5% or more, soft water salt shape consistent, do not bridge, not lump, to ensure soft water quality and efficiency, soft water salt The special additives, the ability to remove iron ions is 6 times the general salt, high-performance protection equipment.

Product Details

Water Softener Salt is main chemical content is  Nacl, content is above 99.5 %, general shape is the tablets. It is widely used in water treatment.welcome your order inquiry.


Storage should be made in dry and ambient temperature room, there is no validity of the product, but recommend to use in 60months to prevent packing deterioration. 

Water softener salt High quality ball type water softener Reclaimer This product is specially processed to efficiently remove water hardness (calcium, magnesium and other water alkali impurities), regeneration of the resin, so that your water quality is more clean, clear , Long-term to maintain the water pipe smooth, no scale, no residue after use, without any smell, under the same conditions due to any regeneration agent for a variety of soft water machine. And other soft water salt difference: pure white, no impurities, sodium content in line with national standards. QQ图片20171208152829.png


 Sodium Chloride (NaCl)-Min%: 99.50

  Calcium AS Ca-Max%: 0.04

  Magnesium As Mg-Max%: 0.04 

  Sulphate As SO4-Max%: 0.02

  Moisture-Max%: 0.02

  Insolubles-Max%: 0.02 


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