Agricultural Grade Sodium Chloride

Agricultural grade sodium chloride ,The aqueous solution can be used for selection. NaCl solution is arranged according to the need of species, its density is larger than water. The seeds are placed in NaCl solution, floating is not full, sink full. With salt solution selection, to ensure that the seeds have a higher germination rate, strong growth, increase production.

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Agricultural grade sodium chloride, With the proportion of seeds and the proportion of the same volume of saline different, when the seeds into the appropriate concentration of salt water, full and intact, than the heavy seed sinking; deflated grain, broken grain and other unqualified seeds, due to small proportion , Will float on the surface, so as to select fine seeds.



QQ图片20171208161213.pngIn this way select the seeds, to need master the concentration of brine, it is best to use a hydrometer to determine. If there is no hydrometer, the dissolved salt can be scooped out of a bowl, and then put into a spoon to choose the seeds, if all sink, that salt water is too light, should continue to add salt; if most of the seeds floating in the water, Indicating that salt water is too strong, should be diluted with water until most of the seeds oblique in the bowl so far. Also note that salt water used repeatedly, salt will be taken away part of the seeds should be added in time to prevent the concentration of the impact of the quality of selection. 

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