Feed Grade Sodium Chloride

Feed grade Sodium chloride can promote the synthesis of organic matter such as fat and protein in the metabolic process; keep the digestive solution in the intestine, can activate amylase, and can maintain the gastric acid, a bactericidal effect. Sodium chloride can maintain blood and tissue fluid acid-base balance, regulate the stability of normal osmotic pressure, but also stimulate the secretion of saliva, and promote the appetite of livestock and poultry.

Product Details

Feed grade sodium chloride is one kind of animal grade salt, feed additive sodium chloride, the mainly chemical composition is sodium chloride, it is livestock, poultry feed important minerals, is essential for the maintenance of life activities.

Quality standard:

NaCl/ % ≥


Moisture/ % ≤


Water insoluble ≤


Whiteness ≥


Grain size (by 0.71mm test sieves) ≥


Salt as a flavor, Feed Grade Sodium Chloride can improve the palatability of feed, enhance appetite, to help digestion and absorption of nutrients to improve feed utilization. It is an important mineral for livestock and poultry feed and is an indispensable material for the maintenance of life activities.QQ图片20171208160956.png

QQ图片20171208161019.pngFor the feed Grade Sodium Chloride,If the lack of salt in feed, or salt content is insufficient, can cause livestock and poultry digestive disorders, loss of appetite, and may develop pica. Serious, livestock and poultry will develop dysplasia, lack of energy, or weight loss. Cows, sows, if you do not eat or eat less salt, milk will be reduced, affecting the healthy growth of piglets and piglets; lay eggs in the diet if the salt supply is insufficient, weight and egg weight will be reduced, the number of eggs Will also be reduced. Not only the feed for livestock and poultry should be added to the feed for the salt / livestock salt / feed additive, and the fish should be added. This will prevent the occurrence of intestinal disease in the fish and increase the food intake. Conducive to the growth of fish. Plant feed in the sodium and chlorine content is very small, generally can not meet the physiological needs of livestock and poultry, therefore, must be added in the feed salt / livestock salt / feed additives sodium chloride. Fattening pigs per pig per day to eat feed salt / livestock salt / feed additives sodium chloride 3 to 6 grams, pregnant sows to eat 6 to 9 grams, lactating sows to eat 19 to 26 grams, chicken eat Salt should account for 0.3% of the feed

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