Industrial Grade Sodium Chloride

Industrial grade sodium chloride for the manufacture of soap, ceramics, glass production, daily chemical, oil drilling, drilling work, completion fluid, petrochemical dehydration liquid, the construction industry early strength agent, the production of paint coagulant, rubber industry latex coagulant, paper Industrial additives and waste paper deinking, chemical industry inorganic chemical raw materials and sulfate removal agent, sodium alginate coagulant. In the water treatment, highway snow removal, refrigeration and refrigeration, etc.

Product Details

Industrial grade sodium chloride use as follows:

1, In the dye industry application:

The dye industry is consuming a large amount of salt directly, and the dye industry is one of the industries that are very close to the salt industry except the chlor-alkali industry, and almost every step of the dye production process consumes a certain amount of salt.

2, Industrial grade sodium chloride in the metallurgical industry application:

The salt is used as a chlorination roasting agent and a quench agent in the metallurgical industry and also a desulfurizing agent and clarifying agent for the treatment of metallic ores. The steel products and steel products are immersed in the salt solution to harden and remove the oxide film. And stainless steel pickling, aluminum, electrolytic solution of sodium and other raw materials are used to salt chemical products, as well as smelting in the refractory materials and other needs of salt chemical products.


3, Industrial grade sodium chloride in the building materials industry application:

General coarse pottery, ceramic tile and cylinder need salt for glaze. Each cubic meter of pottery salt consumption of 0.5 to 3 kg.

In order to improve the performance of enamel enamel, in the coating before the need to add some enamel, salt is a kind of enamel, for glaze, in order to increase the strength of the blank, to improve the ability to produce after the enamel scratch and wear The maximum dosage of salt per 100 kg of glaze is 0.3 kg.

4, Industrial grade sodium chloride in the machinery industry application:

In the casting, the salt can be used as non-ferrous metal and alloy casting sand in the excellent adhesive, high temperature, the salt cast to make the cast core soft, so as to prevent the formation of hot cracking of the cast. Compared with the organic binder In the high temperature generated when the harmful gases are the least.M ferrous metals and copper, copper alloy plating before the strong pickling, the need for salt.

5, Industrial grade sodium chloride in the oil industry application:

In the process of oil well drilling, in order to protect the integrity of the rock salt core, it is necessary to add salt as stabilizer to the mud, and use the barium sulfate of salt chemical product to increase the weight of the drilling mud and adjust the oil. When the oil is refined, Fog, salt as a dehydrating agent.


6, Industrial grade sodium chloride in light industry applications:

In the system of soap, in order to maintain the solution with a suitable viscosity, often added salt due to the role of sodium ions in the salt, can reduce the viscosity of the saponification solution, so that the saponification reaction is normal.Also with salt chemical products sodium silicate as filler, Can increase the alkalinity, hardness and strength of soap, matches, gunpowder, printing, film and photographic industries are also widely used in a variety of salt chemical products.

7, Industrial grade sodium chloride in the electronics industry, the defense industry is also widely used salt chemical products.

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