Industrial Grade Zinc Chloride

Industrial grade zinc chloride is widely used and can be used as a dehydrating agent, catalyst, and mordant, sizing agent and weighting agent for organic synthesis industry. It is also used as oil purifying agent and activated carbon activator, cardboard, wood Anti-corrosion, pesticides and welding and so on.

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Quality standard:

Quality inspection item

Index Value

Zinc chloride content %≥


Oxygen chloride (ZnO) %


Sulfate (SO4) % ≤


Ba % ≤


Fe % ≤


Pb % ≤


Zinc sheet corrosion test


Industrial grade zinc chloride in the inorganic industry as the activation of activated carbon activator, the activated carbon as porous, increase its surface area. Also used in the manufacture of anti-soluble foam fire and the production of zinc cyanide raw materials. Organic industry as a solvent for polyacrylonitrile, organic synthetic contact agent, dehydrating agent. Condensing agent, deodorant. Special surfactants and catalysts for the production of fragrant blue, leisol, indomethacin, and cation exchange resins.


The oil industry is used as a cleaning agent. The dye industry is used as a stabilizer for the coloring salt of the ice dyed dye and also for the production of reactive dyes and cationic dyes. The rubber industry is used as an auxiliary material for vulcanization accelerator zPC. Printing and dyeing industry for mordant, mercerizing agent, weighting agent. Electroplating industry for zinc salt galvanized zinc ion additives. Pigment industry for white pigment raw materials. Metallurgical industry for the production of aluminum alloy and metal surface treatment. Welding as a rust remover. Coal preparation plants are often used to do ups and downs.


Industrial grade zinc chloride in the organic synthesis industry can be used as dehydrating agent, condensing agent and the production of vanillin, rabbit ear aldehyde, anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs, cation exchange resin catalyst. Can be used as a solvent for polyacrylonitrile. Dyeing industry for mordant, mercerizing agent, sizing agent. The textile industry is used as raw material (cotton fiber cosolvent) for the production of sliver, shuttle and other materials, which can improve the adhesion of fiber.


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