Pharmaceutical Grade Zinc Chloride

Pharmaceutical grade zinc chloride is a pharmaceutical intermediate, in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, can be used as organic synthesis catalyst. Products are exported to Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

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Pharmaceutical grade zinc chloride Quality standard:

Quality inspection item

Index Value

Zinc chloride content %


Fe %


SO42-  %


Pb %


Moisture %




Pharmaceutical grade zinc chloride is a pharmaceutical intermediate, used in organic synthesis as a highly efficient catalyst, the amount is not large, the requirements are anhydrous, can also produce organic zinc salt.



1. High content, low impurities, easy to dissolve and disperse, high catalytic efficiency.

2. Washed zinc ash, refined hydrochloric acid, anhydrous process.

3. Waterproof, isolated air, imported packaging materials, sealed packaging.

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25kg bag.

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Usually within 5-7working days after confirming the payment.

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