Industrial Grade Sodium Citrate

In the detergent industry, industrial grade sodium citrate can replace sodium tripolyphosphate as a non-toxic detergent additives; in the chemical is an excellent chelating agent / complexing agent, in the industrial application of sodium citrate are Take advantage of this feature.

Product Details

Industrial Grade Sodium Citrate quality standard as below:



Acidity or Alkalinity

Pass test



Heavy metals


Axalate(As H2C2O4)




Loss on drying



Pass test

Readily carbonisable substances

Pass test

Industrial grade sodium citrate has good water solubility, and has excellent chelating ability for metal ions such as Ca2 + and Mg2 + in water, and can be biodegradable, dispersible and anti-redeposition ability, so it is becoming a substitute for sodium tripolyphosphate Products, are used to produce non-phosphorus detergent, especially non-phosphorus liquid detergent. Detergent to add a certain amount of sodium citrate, can significantly increase the detergent decontamination capacity.




Industrial Grade Sodium Citrate has good complex properties and is therefore widely used in the electroplating industry. 

In the construction industry, it can be added as a retarder to concrete to improve the tensile, compressive and antifreeze properties of cement products In the area of environmental protection, sodium citrate can be used to remove sulfide from industrial tail gas. 

In the ceramic industry, it can be used as a grinding additive. In addition, sodium citrate has a new use in the brewing and photographic industry, thus further broadening the application of sodium citrate.

In electroplating industry as complexing agent, buffer agent, light industry as a detergent additives.

The above information just for reference, the actual use ratio, please combine the actual situation to use.

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