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100% Guaranteed Soda Ash Dense / Heavy (99.2%)

Oct 26, 2017

1. Properties: White crystal powder, easily soluble in water, water solution is alkali, easily absorbing moisture and CO2 if exposing in the air

2. Applications: Mainly used in glass-manufacturing, chemical industry metallurgy, paper, dye, synthetic washes and petrochemical.
3. Packing: 50kg pp woven bag or 1000kg jumbo bag
4. Alias: Sodium Carbonate Dense
5. Formula: Na2CO3
6. Standard: GB210.1-2004

Index nameClass  indicators
ExcellentFirst-class goodsFirst-class goods
Alkaloids volume (dry basis of the mass fraction of Na2CO3)% ≥99.298.898.0
NaCl % ≤0.700.901.20
Iron (Fe) the mass fraction (dry basis)% ≤0.00350.0060.010
Sulfate (SO4 dry basis of the mass fraction of the total)%0.03  
The quality of water insoluble matter% ≤ Score0.030.100.15
LOI 2),% ≤
Bulk Density (g / ml) ≥0.900.900.90
Particle size, 180μm sieve residue% ≥