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50% Choline Chloride Powder (silicon dioxide carrier)

Mar 15, 2018

50% Choline chloride powder(silicon dioxide carrier)

Choline (commonly in the form of Choline chloride) is one of the B categories of vitamin. It is acetylcholine in the biological organization. It is the components of lecithin and nerve acid fat. It is used by most animals as a precursor of acetyl choline, which influences the transmission of impulses from nerves to muscles. It is also used as a source of methyl groups. In feed, the content of natural choline chloride is limited. It can not satisfy complete demand for the animal growing.Therefore, choline chloride is widely used as feed additive at home and adroad.It will stimulate the animal or poultry's growth, put on their weight rapidly and boost up the body's immunity function. It has prominence effects on improving the quality and quantity of eggs and meat. On the contrary, shortage of choline may cause liver diseases, retarded growth, perosis, reduced egg-laying rate and increased mortality.

Choline chloride content (Corn Cob)50% Min60% Min70% Min
Loss on drying2% Max2% Max2% Max
Trimethylamine300ppm Max300ppm Max300ppm Max
Size (20 mesh) 95% pass through


Choline chloride content (Silica)50% Min60% Min
Loss on drying16-19%17-20% Min
Trimethylamine300ppm Max
Size (60 mesh) 95% pass through


Choline chloride content (Liquid)75% Min
Ethylene glycol0.50% Max
Trimethylamine300ppm Max
Heavy metal (As Pb)0.002% Max
PH value6.5-8.0
Ash0.20% Max

Commodity: Choline Chloride 50% 60% 70% 75% (Feed Grade)
Min. Order: 1*20FCL:50%CC/16MT, 60%CC/17MT, 70%CC/18MT, 50%SI/18.5MT,  75%/75%liquid/18.4MT
Payment: T/T in advance or L/C adding 1% bank commission or as negotiation.
Packing:25kg or 50 kg pp bag or as requirements
Delivery Time: Within 10 business days after receipt of T/T or L/C
Storage Conditions: Stored in a cool, ventilated dry place.