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99.5% Top Industrial Grade Zinc Chloride Supplier for Dry Battery

Dec 05, 2017

Product Description:  Zinc Chloride 96.0% Min for Battery Use

Purity:   99.6% Min
Origin:   China
Capacity:   8,000MT/Month

Testing ItemsUnitSpecification
ZnCl2%96.0 Min
Chloride Oxidation (Calculated in ZnO)%2.0 Max
SO4%0.01 Max
Fe%0.0005 Max
Heavy Metal (as Pb)%0.0005 Max
HCl Insolubles%0.01 Max
Alkali & Alkaline-earth Metal%1.0 Max
Zinc Plate CauterizationQualifiedQualified
Appearance White Powder

1. Content of heavy metals conforms to requirements of RoHS (Directive for battery 98/101/EC and 2006/66/EC).
2. Packing: in woven bags with plastic liner.
3. Utilizes China National Standard HG/T 2323-2012.

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