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Amino acid powder fertilizer

Nov 03, 2017

Light yellow powder.

Completely water soluble.

Made from soybean, corn and other plants by decomposition reaction. 

Main material of amino acid fertilizers without chloride. 

It does not only have the efficacy of absorbing, neutralizing pesticide, but also can significantly remit and increase the anti-injury capacity after absorbed by plants. It can also be used directly as foliar fertilizer, fertilization, base fertilizer.


Appearance: Light yellow powder,

Completely water soluble

Amino acid: 40%min,

Total Nitrogen: 17.2-17.8%

Amino nitrogen: 6.5%min,

Chloride (as Cl): 29%max,

Moisture: 5% max,

Insoluble matter in water: 1.0%max,

Pb: 10 pm max,

As: 10ppm max,

Packing: 20kgs craft paper bag, 12mts/20'FCL



1.Completely soluble powder, used in various ways.

2.Contain 17 types of free amino acids, supply nitrogen nutrients for crops.

3.It's obtained from hydrolyzed protein and the raw material is soy bean.

4.Usually use as the fertilizer of the crops avoiding chloride such as tobacco.

5.Significantly promote rooting and growth, improve yield and quality.



Liquid Formulation, Drip Irrigation / Fertigation, Foliar Spray, Seed Treatment etc.


1KG, 5KG, 10KG, 20KG, 25KG Bag, or according to customers requirements.


Keep in airy, cool, dry places, far from sources of heat/ignition and protected from sunlight.