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Eat alkaline knowledge

Oct 13, 2017

Edible alkali: edible soda ash (sodium carbonate Na CO, the same molecular formula, but no industrial soda ash) and edible baking soda (sodium bicarbonate NaHCO).

(Sodium hydroxide) (chemical formula Na2CO3) and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) (chemical formula NaHCO3), baking soda is made of soda ash solution or crystal absorption after the formation of carbon dioxide There is no difference between the two. So, edible alkali in some places also known as baking soda (powder).

Edible alkali was solid state, round, color white, soluble in water. Alkaline is not a common seasoning, it is just a food loose agent and meat tenderener, can make dry goods raw materials quickly rise, soften the fiber, remove the dough's sour taste, the appropriate use can bring excellent food The color, smell, taste, shape, to enhance people's appetite. Alkaline used in a large number of food processing such as noodles, bread, bread and so on.