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Eight characteristics of liquid calcium chloride

Oct 13, 2017

Liquid calcium chloride has eight characteristics, highlighting its "close to the people", so favored by the users and praise.

1, was alkaline: chloride ion hydrolysis of hydrogen chloride volatile, so calcium hydrolysis was alkaline.

2, can be conductive: because there is a solution in the free movement of ions.

3, the freezing point is low: liquid calcium chloride contains calcium chloride solute, so liquid calcium chloride freezing point lower than water.

4, high boiling point: liquid calcium chloride contains calcium chloride solute so liquid calcium chloride boiling point higher than water.

5, evaporation crystallization: in the atmosphere filled with hydrogen chloride, calcium ion hydrolysis, liquid calcium chloride evaporation crystallization.

6, easy to store: liquid calcium chloride colorless and transparent, slightly bitter taste, salty, non-toxic, easy to volatile, easy to store

7, reduce the use of cost: relative to solid calcium chloride, liquid calcium chloride has a simple, convenient, reliable, labor-saving, can reduce the use of the factory cost.

8, widely used: widely used in sewage treatment, pipeline refrigerant (this product was weakly alkaline, can effectively reduce the corrosion of the pipeline), molecular sieve raw materials, building coagulants, and for the alginate industry, soy products industry flocculation Agent and so on.

Liquid calcium chloride using hydrochloric acid and high-quality calcium carbonate reaction, concentrated, filtered multi-channel process, than the general ammonia alkali liquid liquid calcium chloride (alkaline) high purity, less impurities, low cost (natural price Low, the industry known as "close to the people" price), can effectively reduce the corrosion of the pipeline, especially for sewage treatment effect is quite significant.