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Food Grade Magnesium Chloride Prill/Pellet

Oct 28, 2017


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Molecular formula: Mgcl2. 6H2O
CAS Number:7786-30-3
Molecular weight: 203.30
Characteristics:white globular,soluble in water,  easy to be damp in damp air, explodes hydrogen chloride and magnesium oxide at high temperature.
PH value (20% dissolution) 6-8

1.Transportation industry
 Used as road snow melting agent, deicing fast, has little corrosivity to the vehicle, is better than sodium chloride magnesium metal.
2.Chemical industry 
 Mainly used for making all kinds of magnesium salt, such as magnesium oxide, magnesium hydrate, magnesium carbonate, firecracker fixing agent, is also the raw material used for antifreezing agent.
3.Construction material
 making hard, corrosion resistant magnesia cement with magnesia(MgO), can be made into artificial-marble, magnesia tile, floor, ceiling, decorative sheet, fire-proof plate, greenhouse support, partition board, magnesium well lid, bathtub, door frame and window frame and trailer and so on.
4.Mechanical industry:
 In daily life, magnesia can be made into machine box shooks, delta-ring edge and furniture, it is a good material instead of soil.
5.Food industry:
 Tofu pointed by brine (magnesium chloride liquor) is softer and fresher than that pointed by stone. The brine is also used as food additives.
 Magnesium made into halogen dry can be used in medicine.
 Can be used for making magnesium fertilizer, potassic-magnesian fertilizer, cotton defoliant