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High Efficient Drinking Water Treatment Polyaluminium Chloride

Mar 30, 2018
  • Model NO.: Poly aluminium chloride

  • Purity: ≤30%

  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

  • Transport Package: in 25kg Woven Bag Lined with PE Bag

  • Origin: China

  • Certification: ISO

  • Type: Aluminum Chloride

  • Specification: 30% min AL2O3%

  • HS Code: 2827499000

polyaluminium  chloride  is a  new  high--efficiency  unorganic  polymer  coagulating  agent,  It is  produced  by  advancde  production  technology  and  the  reaction  and  polymerization of  high-quality  raw  materials  with  such  characteristics  as  little  impurity  and  high formula  weight  and  effecrive  polymerization.

Product  perfomance:
1,Become  flocculant  in high  speed,big  block, high  activity  and  rapid  sedimentation  analysis.
2,It  doesn't  need  other  accessory  ingredients  and  use  less  additional  chenical  
reabents  than  other  unorganic  coagulating  agents  and   has  lower  cost  for  making  water.
3,It  has  far--ranging  PH  value  and   strong  dadptability  and   good  effect  for  hithly  turbid  high--temperature  organic  contaminated  water  and   lowly   turbid  low--temperature  or  ganic  contaminated  water.
Quality  index:

IndexSpray dried  Roller dried
Basicity (%)45-8580-95
Water insoluble, %≤0.51.5
PH &value3.5-53.5-5
Arsenic (As), ppm ≤1.02.0
Cadmium (Cd), ppm≤1.02.0
Chromium (Cr), ppm≤3.05.0
Ammonia  Nitrogen(N), %≤0.010.03

This  product  is  suitable  for  the   purification  of  tap  water,
life  sewage  and  various  industrial   waste  water.
Usage  and   cautions:
1,Solid  producg  should  be  added  after  it  disslove  in  water  and   the  dilutign  ratio  is  generally:2%--20%(weight  percent)
2,The  added  chemical  reagent  is  generally:1--15g/ton  solid  product,  subject  to  the  differrnce  of  water  quality  and  turbidness,  specific  added  quantity  should  be  decided  according  to  the  actual exeprimental  quantity  of  user.
3,This  produce  mustn't  be  stored  together  with  chemical  reagents.  
4, Solid  products  should  be  stored  in   a  ventiated  and   dry  place  with  the   storage  period  of  two  years,and  the  availability  won't  be  changed  after  the  product  is  arrected  with  damp.