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Inorganic Chemicals Soda Ash Light (Na2CO3)

Apr 26, 2018

Soda Ash Light, sodium carbonate light made in China

1)General infos:
CAS No. 497-19-8
Molecular Formula Na2CO3
SynonymsSodium Carbonate, Soda Ash

2)Physical and chemical properties:
Physical StateSolid
Melting Point851° C
Boiling Point1633° C

Soda ash light is an important basic industrial chemical which is used in a wide array of applications. It is the least expensive source of sodium ions, and thus, employed to manufacture many other sodium chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide, sodium bicarbonate, sodium silicate, sodium chromate, sodium dichromate, sodium, sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium orthophosphate, sodium metaphosphate, sodium percarbonate, sodium sulphite, sodium metabisulphite, etc.
It is used in soaps and detergents as filler, pH adjuster, and as an agglomerate aid. Moreover, it helps in reducing the amount of detergent required to wash clothes by softening the hard water. It is sometimes also used in household surface cleaning and dishwashing products. In textile processing it is employed for the dyeing process because it assists the dye to penetrate deep into the fabric and provides it with a long lasting color. It is also used for deacidification in the production of spun rayon.
In addition, it is used in the paper industries to control the pH in pulping process and neutralize the effluent streams, neutralizing the pH of acidic water in waste water treatment, treatment of iron ore and desulphurization of steel, absorbing sulphur oxides present in flue gas, etc

Na2CO3, % by wtMin. 99.2
NaCl, % by wtMax. 0.2
NaSO4, % by wtMax. 0.2
Fe2O3, % by wtMax. 0.003
Water insoluble, % by wtMax. 0.04
DensityMin. 400 kg/m3

ISoda Ash DenseIISoda Ash Light
Total Alkalinity/%99.5Min99.2Min
Chloride Content(NaCl)/%0.30Max0.70Max
Iron Content/%0.003Max0.003Max
Sulphate Content/%0.03Max0.03Max
Water Insoluble Matter/%0.02Max0.03Max
Loss on Ignition a/%0.8Max0.5Max
Bulk Density /g/ml1.0Max---------
UP 180MM%75.0Min----------
Granularity Up 1.18MM/%2.0Max----------