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l-valine crystal growth

Nov 02, 2017

L-Valine is one of the eight essential amino acids for human bady, which can be used in food nutrition fortifier,food antioxidant and preparation of high branched-chain amino acids. It can also be used as feed additives in agriculture and be used in the preparation of compound amino acid infusion, synthesis polypeptide drugs, etc.

                         Certificate Of Analysis

PRODUCT NAME:  L-Valine                       BATCH  NO:            X1510018
PACKING:             25KG/DRUM                MFG DATE:             2015.10.18 
QUANTITY:            800kg                          INSPECTION DATE: 2015.10.22
STANDARD:          USP24                        SHELF LIFE:            2 Years

ItemsLimitTest result
Description    White crystals or crystalline powderConforms
Identification(IR)Concordant with the reference spectrumConforms
Assay      98.5~101.5%99.12%
PH      5.5~7.06.41
Specific rotation  +26.6°~+28.8°27.1
Residue on ignitio≤0.10%0.07%
Loss on drying  ≤0.30%0.07%
Chloride(Cl)   ≤0.05%<0.05%
Iron(Fe)      ≤30ppm<30ppm
Sulfate(SO4)   ≤0.03%<0.03%
Arsenic(As)      ≤1.5ppm<1.5ppm
Heavy metals   ≤15ppm<15ppm
Organic volatile impuritieMeet the requirementsConforms
Conclusion:Passed test according to the Standard of USP24