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Magnesium chloride use and product performance

Oct 13, 2017

1, the pharmaceutical industry applications

Medicine: made of magnesium chloride "halogen dry" for medicinal purposes. Can be used as laxatives.

2, magnesium chloride used in agriculture

Agriculture: available for magnesium fertilizer, potassium and magnesium fertilizer and cotton defoliants

3, magnesium chloride transportation industry: as a road ice melting agent, ice fast, less corrosive to the vehicle, higher than the effect of sodium chloride.

4, the machinery industry: life, with lime soil can be made of mechanical crates, triangular mat and furniture, etc., is "soil materials" good material.

5, magnesium chloride in other areas can do food additives, protein coagulant, snow melting agent, refrigerant, dust, refractories and so on. With the brine (magnesium chloride aqueous solution) Weimin chemical point system of tofu than gypsum point of the system of tofu,

6, magnesium chloride used to manufacture refractory materials and puzzle arm of the adhesive, and is the manufacture of flux and smelting metal magnesium raw materials.

7, in the building materials industry applications

In the building materials industry is the production of light building materials such as fiberglass, decorative panels, sanitary ware, ceilings, floor tiles, magnesium oxide cement, ventilation pipes, anti-theft covers, fire doors and windows, fire board, partition board, the production of artificial marble and other high-rise buildings Supplies important raw materials. In the magnesite products can do high-quality magnesium tile, high-quality fire board, magnesium box, magnesium decoration plate, light wall panels, abrasive, stoves, fireworks and other agents.

8, for the production of magnesium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium oxide and other magnesium products, but also for the antifreeze of raw materials

9, magnesium chloride in the application of firecrackers

10, magnesium chloride application of air conditioning ventilation pipe

11, the application of magnesium chloride in textile washing

12, the main component of magnesium chloride use level of industrial grade 45 (%)