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organic compound amino acids

Oct 31, 2017
  • Appearance: Powder

  • Origin: China

  • Specification: 47%

  • HS Code: 310590

Compound aminoacid powder is light yellow powder, excellent flowing, dissolve totally and instant, easy to wet. This product is ammonium amino acids also contain organic and inorganic nitrogen, it is leading raw materials for amino acids leaf fertilizer, also can use to fertigation and base fertilizer to promote crops growing.

PRD: It is rich in energy and nitrogen, it anti-cold and involve in chlorophyll synthesis, PRD plays an important role on converting nitrogen in plant body to amino acids and breeding flower and somatic embeyogenesis also to promote growth to some extent.
THR and LYS are the basic elements for plants also control blackspot and bacteriostasis
GLY and ASP are active elements of botanical peticide.
Basic fertilized and base fertilizer: Mix with 10kg water or dung or other compound fertilizer to pour or along with irrigation, fit for all crops
Leaf fertilizer: Dilute 800-1000 times to spray, also mix with trace elements to spay
Compound fertilizer and salt fertilization: Mix with compound fertilizer by 5% to 8% to improve its oxygen content and increase the rate of crops absorption.