4-Amino-2-methylbenzoic Acid

Note: low temperature, dark, dry place closed storage, with no toxic and harmful substances during discharge,This product is a non-dangerous goods, according to general chemical transportation, light move light put, prevent insolation, drench.

Product Details
Product Name4-Amino-2-methylbenzoic acid
TypeAminobenzoic acid series
CAS NO2486-75-1
Appearancelight yellow or light red powder
Molecular FormulaC8H9NO2
Molecular Weight151.16
Export Packing25kg / cardboard drum
ApplicationUse can be divided into general reagents, high purity reagents, reagent and instrument analysis reagent, clinical diagnostic reagents, biochemical reagents, inorganic ion chromogenic reagent, etc

2486-75-1, Melting point: 160-165 ℃, high purity detection/identification precision, strong stability, in order to prevent the product content is lower, should be moistureproof, avoid light and antioxidant packaging, should save in order to improve the stability of the material for the principle, as far as possible under the dry dark storage.


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