3-Phenylpropionyl Chloride

3-Phenylpropionyl chloride,Density: 1.137; Melting point: -6 ° C; Boiling point: 225 ° C; nD20: 1.526-1.528; Flash point: 108 ° C, stability: stable in general.

Product Details

Reactivity: Contact with water to decompose and produce toxic gases. Keep the container closed. Store in a cool, dark place. Moistureproof. Away from oxides, moisture, alkali, active metals, amines.

Product Name3-Phenylpropionyl chloride
CAS NO645-45-4
AppearanceTransparent, light yellow liquid, water decomposition, dissolved in ether.
Molecular FormulaC9H9ClO;C6H5CH2CH2COCl
Molecular Weight168.6200
Export Packing200kgs HDPE drum
ApplicationUsed in pharmaceutical intermediate, also used for organic synthesis.

200kg drum pack.png

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