Dichloroacetyl Chloride

Dichloroacetyl chloride,this product irritation strong, boiling point: 107-108 ℃, density: 1.5315, refractive index: 1.4591, with ether miscible, water and alcohol will break down.

Product Details

Should be sealed in a cool place to save. Tightly sealed in a brown glass bottle, external use of wooden box protection, sunscreen, moisture, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place. According to the provisions of the provisions of suspicious substances storage and transportation.

Product NameDichloroacetyl chloride
CAS NO79-36-7
AppearanceColorless and irritating liquid
Molecular FormulaC2HCl3O; Cl2CHCOCl
Molecular Weight147.3900
Export Packing200kgs HDPE drum
ApplicationUsed in synthesis of vinyl pesticides, but also for wool felt chisel finishing; bleaching; bleaching; preservation; sterilization; disinfection and so on.


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