Octanoyl Chloride

Octanoyl Chloride,Traits (Form) : the Clear Liquid, melting point (Mp) : - 63 ° C, the boiling point (Bp) : 195 ° C (lit), flash point (Fp) : 177 ° F, density (d.) : 0.953 g/mL at 25 ° C (lit), Moisture Sensitive.

Product Details

Octanoyl Chloride used in acylating agent in organic synthesis, such as production, total acid, pesticides, etc.

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Suggest store in a cool, dry, well ventilated warehouse.Away from fire and heat source.Prevent direct sunlight.Keep container sealed.

Product NameOctanoyl Chloride
CAS NO111-64-8
AppearanceColorless to straw yellow transparent liquid, with pungent smell.
Molecular FormulaC8H15CLO
Molecular Weight162.66
Export Packing200kgs drum
ApplicationUsed in liquid crystal intermediates, also used in rubber industry.


200kg drum pack.png

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