Phenyl Acetyl Chloride

Phenyl acetyl chloride, Boiling point: 102 ° C, industrial products slightly light yellow, with a strong irritating smell, the other hydrolysis, and ammonia, acid reaction.

Product Details

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Suggest Storage Precautions Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse. Away from fire, heat. The packaging must be sealed and not damp. Should be stored with oxidants, alkaloids, edible chemicals, should not be mixed storage. Equipped with the corresponding variety and quantity of fire equipment. Storage area should be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment and suitable storage materials.

Product NamePhenyl acetyl chloride
CAS NO103-80-0
Appearancecolorless transparent liquid
Molecular FormulaC8H7OCL
Molecular Weight154.6000
Export Packing200kgs drum
ApplicationUsed in medicine, pesticides, spices intermediates



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