Pivaloyl Chloride

Pivaloyl chloride,Stable at normal temperature, m.p. -56 ℃, b.p. 105 ~ 106 ℃, n20D 1.4120, the relative density of 0.9790, water decomposition, soluble in ether, benzene, toluene and other solvents. Ventilation low temperature drying; and alkali, oxidant stored separately.

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Other name: Trimethylacetyl chloride

Product NamePivaloyl chloride
CAS NO3282-30-2
Appearancecolourless liquid
Molecular FormulaC5H9ClO
Molecular Weight12059 
Export Packing200kgs HDPE drum
ApplicationIt is an important intermediate such as Pivampicillin, which is widely used in N-acylating agents such as ammonia, Schiff base and pyridinone, and is also widely used in alcohol, lactone and carbohydrate O- Acylating agent.

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