Pyromucyl Chloride

Pyromucyl Chloride ,Melting point: - 2, the boiling point: 173, density: 1.32, flash point, 85, the saturated vapor pressure: 1.33/66 ℃, and stored in the high and dry place at low temperature.

Product Details

Pyromucyl Chloride has strong stimulation to eyes, skin, mucous membranes and respiratory tract.Taboo in strong oxidizer, alkali, water, alcohol, alkali is tie-in, can use carbon dioxide, foam, sand, dry powder extinguishing.Banning the use of water.

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Product Name:Pyromucyl Chloride 
CAS NO527-69-5
AppearanceColorless or light yellow liquid, insoluble in water
Molecular FormulaC5H3ClO2
Molecular Weight130.53
Export Packing200kgs drum
ApplicationUsed in organic synthesis. Intermediates of pesticide, ceftiazole and organic chemical production.


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