2-Acrylamido-2-methylpropane Sulfonic Acid

2-Acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonic acid, Melting point 195 ° C (decomposition). Dissolved in water, the solution was acidic. Dissolved in dimethyl formamide, partially soluble in methanol, ethanol, insoluble in acetone. Slightly sour.

Product Details

Other name:AMPS
                      2-Acrylamido-2-methyl-1-propanesulfonic acid
                      2-Methyl-2-[(1-oxo-2-propenyl)amino]-1-propanesulfonic acid 

The product molecules within a polymerizable vinyl and hydrophilic sulfonic acid group, with acrylonitrile, acrylamide and other water-soluble monomers, styrene, vinyl chloride and other water-insoluble monomer copolymerization. Hydrophilic sulfonic acid groups are introduced into the polymer to impart hygroscopic water permeability and conductivity to fibers, films and the like.

Product Name2-Acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonic acid


Appearancewhite crystal
Molecular FormulaC7H13NO4S
Molecular Weight207.24
Export Packing25kg net strong bags,Or according to the user . 15tons/20'GP with pallets.
ApplicationCan be used in paper industry and wastewater treatment. For paint modifiers, fiber modifiers and medical polymers.

Specific application is as follows:

Water   treatment: Homopolymer of AMPS monomer or its copolymers with   acrylamide, acrylic acid monomer, could be used as sludge dehydrating agent   in the sewage purification process, or preservatives of the iron, zinc,   aluminum, cooper and alloy in the sealed water circulation systems. They also   could be used as detergent or inhibitor for heaters, cooling towers, air   purifiers and gas purification devices.




Oilfield chemistry: this application has developed rapidly in   oilfield chemistry, including oil well cement additives, treatment agent of   drilling fluid, acidizing fluids fracturing fluids, completion fluids and   work over fluids additives.


Synthesis   fibers: As an important monomer used in changing the   combination property of some synthetic fiber, particularly of the acrylic   fiber and the mod acrylic fiber with chloride, AMPS could significantly   improve the fiber whiteness, dyeability and the properties of antistatic, permeable   and flame resistant, though the dosage is only 1-4% of fiber.



Paper   making: The copolymer of AMPS and other water-soluble   monomer is an indispensable chemical for all kinds of paper making, which can   be used not only as drainage aids, the adhesives, agents for increasing the   strength of paper, but also be used as pigment dispersant for coating color.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

The copolymer of AMPS and acrylonitrile can be used for hemodialysis and hemodialysis. It can also be used to improve the treatment of thrombus diseases. The polymer prepared by the cross-linking of AMPS and ethylene-ethyl acrylate can be used as high-quality contact lens materials. AMPS copolymer Aqueous solution or ethanol solution can be used as adhesive liquid for medical electrodes, which is characterized by good conductivity and does not harm the skin. In addition, the homopolymer of AMPS can be used as a cosmetic cream, creams, lipsticks and other thickeners, lubricants and so on.


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