2-Bromoacetophenone,Melting point of 51 ° C; boiling point of 135 ° C; density of 1.65; refractive index of 1.709;Flash point (ºF):> 230, water solubility PRACTICALLY INSOLUBLE; stability Stable. Incompatible with strong bases, strong oxidizing agents. Combustible。

Product Details

In the pharmaceutical industry to stop blood flow, etc., and thiourea can be synthesized by α-amino-4-phenyl thiazole. Test reagents for carboxyl groups. Preparation of crystalline esters from acids.

Soluble in ether; benzene and chloroform, soluble in ethanol and hot petroleum ether, insoluble in water. And the role of permanganate to produce benzoic acid. 2-8 ° C protected from dark, otherwise it will be de-bromine.

Product Name2-Bromoacetophenone
CAS NO70-11-1
AppearanceWhite needle crystal
Molecular FormulaC8H7BrO; C6H5COCH2Br
Molecular Weight199.05
Export Packing200kgs drum
ApplicationOrganic synthesis of raw materials for pharmaceuticals, dyes intermediates.


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