4-Aminophenol,Melting point: 188 ° C, Boiling point: 284 ° C, Flash point: 189 ° C, Density: 1.29. In the air and sunlight will change color

Product Details

Determination of gold, determination of copper, iron, magnesium, vanadium, nitrite and cyanate, antioxidant.

Soluble in hot water and alcohol, insoluble in cold water and alcohol, slightly soluble in water and methyl ethyl ketone, insoluble in benzene and chloroform, soluble in alkali, heating sublimation, part of the decomposition. The p-aminophenol is stable in the weak acid, the alkaline solution or the finished product is easily oxidized and discolored.

Product Name4-Aminophenol
CAS NO123-30-8
AppearanceWhite flake crystals
Molecular FormulaC6H7NO
Molecular Weight109.13
Export Packing25kg/barrel
ApplicationApplication of a wide range of fine organic chemical intermediates, mainly for the manufacture of antipyretic analgesic intermediates, but also for the preparation of developers, antioxidants and petroleum additives and other products.


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