Acetophenone,Density: 1.0281; Melting point: 20.5 ° C; Boiling point: 202 ° C; Flash point: 77 ° C; Refractive index: 1.5339; Storage conditions 2-8 ° C; Water solubility 5.5 g / L (20 ºC); Stability Stable. with strong oxidizing agents, strong bases, strong reducing agents. Combustible.

Product Details

Acetophenone, Used as a raw material for the manufacture of spices and pharmaceuticals, also used as plasticizers and solvents. Extracting agent. Pharmaceutical industry and chromatographic standards.

When used as a solvent, the boiling point is high; stable; pleasant odor and so on. Solubility similar to cyclohexanone, can dissolve nitrocellulose; cellulose acetate; vinyl resin; coumarone resin; alkyd resin; glycerol alkyd resin. Often with ethanol; ketone; esters and other solvents mixed use.

When used as a spice, it is hawthorn; mimosa; lilac and other flavors of blending raw materials, and widely used in soap and tobacco flavor and flavor. For the synthesis of phenolic acid; α-phenyl indole; ibuprofen, etc., also used as plastic plasticizer.

Acetophenone has a high refractive index and a pleasant aroma. Low temperature for the flaky crystal. Sensitive to light. Soluble in alcohol, ether, chloroform, fatty oil and glycerol, slightly soluble in water. Soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid was orange. Sealed to save. Treasury ventilation low temperature drying.

Product NameAcetophenone
CAS NO98-86-2
AppearanceLight colorless crystals, or light yellow oily liquid.
Molecular FormulaC8H8O
Molecular Weight120.15
Export Packing200kgs HDPE drum
ApplicationUsed in the manufacture of soap and paper smoke, also used as organic synthesis of intermediates, fiber resin and other plastic and plastic plasticizer. Used as solvent for cellulose ether, cellulose ester, resin, preservative, rubber, medicine, dye and so on.
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