Benzaldehyde,Melting point: - 26 ℃, boiling point: 179 ℃, density: 1.0415, flash point: 64.5 ℃, the refractive index: 1.5455,It has a fragrant smell when it burns. Spontaneous combustion point 192 ℃. Combustible. Strong refraction. Can evaporate with water vapor, long storage turns yellow.

Product Details

It is also an intermediate of herbicide, plant growth regulator, anti - reverse amine, medicine, dye, and spices.

Suggest Seal a cool and dry to avoid light preservation. Do not contact with air. It should be stored separately from oxidant, acid and edible chemicals.

Product Namebenzaldehyde
CAS NO100-52-7
AppearanceColorless liquid, industrial products are colorless to light yellow liquid
Molecular FormulaC6H5CHO
Molecular Weight106.12
Export Packing25kg/barrel
ApplicationOrganic synthesis, solvents, test phenols and alkaloids, preparation of spices.


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